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interim management

Interim resources can be provided to manage change from the onset (definition) to implementation. Creating the right structure and training employees often require some support from external sources during the transition.

1-apart is your partner of choice for interim management in the area of:

- change management

- organisation development

- supply chain / business process

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Business requirements do not always neatly fall within predetermined boxes.
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other services...

With many years of experience operating in diverse business environments, 1-apart can provide you with  services customised to your specific requirements.

These can be (but are not limited to):


Managing the myriad of suppliers in the market to find the solution for your specific needs might seem like a headache waiting to happen. Fear not, 1-apart can assist you from supplier identification to negotiating the most suitable contract, both from a cost and operational needs perspective.

1-apart even go as far as supporting you in defining the scope of the services and assessing your true organisational needs.

Contracts completed to date do range from only a few thousands euros to over hundreds of millions (total contract value).

Category management, procurement strategy, tender creation are our key service offerings.

our solutions

contract drafting

Starting a new business relationship? Reviewing existing old and tired contracts?

1-apart have completed numerous contractual reviews over many years for goods and services: telecommunications, networks, property, facilities management, commercial partnerships, consultancy and many more. With a clear expertise in what is called Indirect categories, 1-apart takes a structured and adaptable approach to all situations. The experience and modus operandi does not change however your requirements transform each engagement so it is suitable for your organisation and its needs. We work very closely with your internal or contracted lawyers where required.

business management

A successful business leader, in addition to returning monetary benefits to the shareholders, understands the market in which the company operates and the complex correlation between what products to sell to customers (demand) and the cost of a fully functional supply chain. 1-apart can provide services to support the business model definition, pricing and cost models.